"Theatre has begun to embrace a new type of designer. Their work is invisible, but, if done correctly, it can have a palpable impact on the performance. I interviewed David Bernstein about his work in the burgeoning field of scent design.

I’m so excited that two of the productions I worked on this last year have been nominated for the New York Innovative Theatre Awards!!

An Appeal to the Woman of the House by Christie Perfetti Williams received nominations for ‘Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role’ for Heather Cunningham, ‘Outstanding Original Full Length Script’ for Christie Perfetti Williams, and ‘Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play’!! 

The God Projekt by Kevin Augustine received nominations for ‘Outstanding Director’ for Kevin Augustine and Edward Einhorn and ‘Outstanding Performance Art Production’!!

The talented performers and production staff for both of these pieces worked incredibly hard and certainly deserve these nominations. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of these wonderful productions!



If Disney Princesses Were Actually Sloths by Jen Lewis

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Give unto me.

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Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, set & costume design by Bob Crowley.

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Zen Pencils Comic: 50. NEIL GAIMAN: Make good art

This is fucking beautiful!

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Claudette Colbert and Miriam Hopkins in The Smiling Lieutenant  (Ernst Lubitsch, 1931

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My interviews for the artists in the Raw Materials Program 1 for the FURYFactory Festival. Check out these great artists!



DreamWorks animator imagines the “Rejected Princesses” Hollywood would never touch 

While fans have taken to creating their own “racebent” versions of classic Disney characters, the question still remains: Given how many great female characters there are in history and in literature, why is Disney not willing to look outside the box?

That was the question on former DreamWorks animator Jason Porath’s mind when he launched his project “Rejected Princesses.” Describing himself as “a guy who likes interesting, lesser-known women and would like for them to get their time in the sun,” Porath decided to create Disneyfied versions of female characters who would have a hard time receiving the green light from the studio.

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I think these women would be of great interest to the readers here. ;) Any of these “princesses” would definitely fall under the category of unsettling, as described in the Once and Future Badasses panel I did at WisCon.

Check out the article linked above, and read more at rejectedprincesses.com

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I kind of love these.


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